Ali Təhsil İslahatları Ekspertləri (ATİE)

The purpose of the National Teams of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) is to provide a pool of expertise in certain areas to promote and enhance progress toward the Lisbon and Bologna objectives in the light of national needs and aspirations. Within these broader objectives the National Team will, amongst other activities, provide counselling to higher education institutions on the following areas: Quality Assurance (internal and external) The Three Cycle System: curricular reform, national and European Qualification Frameworks (NQF/EQF), Tuning Recognition (ECTS, Diploma Supplement, Europass, Lisbon Recognition Convention)

Name Institution name Field of expertise in higher education reform topics (e.g. quality assurance, knowledge triangle, 3-cycle system, recognition, ECTS, mobility, qualifications frameworks, etc) E-mail address
Anar Rzayev Azerbaijan State University of Economics Mobility, ECTS, QA, recognition [email protected]
Elvin Azizbayov Baku State University Knowledge triangle, 3-cycle system [email protected]
Razia Isayeva Khazar University Knowledge triangle, 3-cycle system [email protected]
Jala Garibova Azerbaijan University of Languages QA, knowledge triangle [email protected]
Parvin Karimzade Ganja State University QA, knowledge triangle [email protected]
Yashar Omarov Ministry of Education, Republic of Azerbaijan Quality Assurance, ECTS, Bologna process, 3-cyle system [email protected]
Nigar Abbaszade Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University Quality Assurance, ECTS Bologna process, 3-cycle system, NQF [email protected]
Shahin Bayramov Mingachevir State University ECTS, mobility, Internationalization [email protected], [email protected]
Subhan Namazov Azerbaijan Technical University QA, ECTS, mobility [email protected]
Vusala Gurbanova Ministry of Education, Republic of Azerbaijan Quality assurance, ECTS, 3-cycle system, NQF, recognition, mobility, EHEA [email protected]