European Union Project: NEO – NATIONAL ERASMUS+ OFFICE IN Azerbaijan


The National Erasmus+ Office assists the European Commission, the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) and the national authorities in the implementation of the ERASMUS+ Programme. The NEO follows closely the policy developments in Azerbaijan , particularly in the field of higher education but also at other levels of education, if required. Besides the EU Delegation, the NEO is a focal point in the country for all actors, potential applicants, beneficiaries and other stakeholders as regards the EU cooperation activities in (higher) education under the ERASMUS+ programme. The mandate of the National Erasmus+ Office under the ERASMUS+ programme covers all: supporting, promotion, monitoring and dissemination activities related to the Erasmus+ activities in higher education open to cooperation with partner countries (in

Key Actions 1, 2 and 3).

Target groups

Activities of the NEO are targeted at the following groups of stakeholders:

All ERASMUS+ beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries in the country (such as higher

education institutions, staff and students, civil society, non-governmental organisations, enterprises, academic and professional associations, student associations, professional organisations, research institutions, vocational training institutions) and any other stakeholder eligible for participation in the Erasmus+ programme in their country. National authorities, in particular those in charge of higher education and their affiliate bodies.

Potential applicants, grant holders, beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the field of higher education in Erasmus+ Programme Countries, where possible.

other NEOs, especially in the same region and with National Agencies in the Erasmus+ Programme Countries (in particular for partner search, exchange of good practices or organisation of joint events).

NEO keeps in contact with the Marie Sklodowska Curie Action contact person to allow synergies between the Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020 programmes.

Overall objectives

Dissemination of information on EU Erasmus Programme + in higher education and its popularization, and the growing influence of the international component of the program through effective implementation of educational projects Erasmus + in



The NEO contributes to the following overall objectives: to improve the awareness,

visibility, relevance, effectiveness and impact of the international components of the

Erasmus+ programme and contribute to its promotion and dissemination in Azerbaijan.

Specific objective

To assist the European Commission, the EACEA, the EU Delegations and the Azerbaijan authorities in the implementation of the international higher education dimension of the Erasmus+ programme.

To support and monitor the implementation and dissemination of results of on-going projects selected under the Tempus IV programme (2007-2013) in Azerbaijan .

The international higher education dimension of the ERASMUS+ programme includes:


- Credit mobility (international opening of Erasmus) managed by National Agencies in the Programme Countries.

- Degree mobility through joint master degrees (and on-going Erasmus Mundus joint master and doctoral programmes) managed by the EACEA.

Credit mobility (former Erasmus) – coordinated by the National Agency of states -members.


- Capacity Building action which includes a mobility component for the neighbouring countries and the Western Balkans.

- Knowledge Alliances and Strategic Partnerships that are open to partner country’s participation.


- Teams of Higher Education Reform Experts

- Commission’s policy dialogues with the partner countries/regions

- Studies

- Regional chapters of Erasmus + Alumni associations in the partner countries



Details on ERASMUS+

The results to be achieved by the NEO

Improved awareness of Erasmus+ for potential applicants and higher education stakeholders in general.High Quality assistance to applicants and beneficiaries. Contribution and timely response to European Commission and EACEA requests in particular for the consultation exercise in the context of the selection process. Monitoring of running projects and dissemination of project results (including those

from the Tempus IV programme 2007-2013).

Sound support to the team of Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs) in the partner country.

Contribution to the life of the Erasmus+ community by collaborating closely with the

European Commission, Delegations and the National Authorities.

Dissemination of information and visibility in Azerbaijan about other EU higher education initiatives.


Head of the office: Parviz Bagirov


Programme assistant: Aygun Rustamli


Phone/Fax:+99 412 4974865

project web-site:

office address: Icheri Sheher, Vagif Mustafazade str. 6-10, Baku AZ 1110 Azerbaijan