EACEA review of Azerbaijan HE (country fiche).

http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/tempus/participating_countries/reviews/azerbaijan_review_of_higher_education.pdf   State Higher Education Institutions

  1. Baku State University
  2. Azerbaijan State Economics University
  3. Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
  4. Azerbaijan University of Architecture  and  Construction
  5. Azerbaijan State Pedagogic University named after Nasreddin Tusi
  6. Baku Slavic University
  7. The Academy of Public Administration under the President of the  Republic of Azerbaijan
  8. Azerbaijan Technical University
  9. Azerbaijan State Institute of Foreign Languages
  10. Baku Music Academy named after Uzeir Hajibeyov
  11. Azerbaijan State Marine Academy
  12. Azerbaijan State  Culture and Arts University  named after Alibey Husseynzadeh
  13. Azerbaijan Medicial University
  14. Azerbaijan State Art Academy
  15. The Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy
  16. Nakhchivan State University
  17. Azerbaijan Institute of Tourism
  18. Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Culture and Sport
  19. Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy
  20. Azerbaijan University of Technology
  21. National Aviation Academy
  22. Azerbaijan National Conservatory
  23. Azerbaijan Teacher’s Institute
  24. Lankaran State University
  25. Ganja State University
  26. Mengechevir Polytechnic Univesity
  27. Naxchivan Teachers’ Institute
  28. Sumgait State University
  29. Moscow State University named after M.Lomonosov Baku Branch

     Special Assignment Higher Education Institutions

  1. Azerbaijan High Military School
  2. Azerbaijan High Military Naval School
  3. Azerbaijan High Military Aviation School
  4. Academy of the Ministry of National Security named after Heydar Aliyev 
  5. Azerbaijan State Frontier Services Academy
  6. Azerbaijan Academy of Ministry of Emergency Situations
  7. Academy of the State Customs Committee
  8. Interior Ministry of the Republic of Azerbaijan Higher Military School
  9.  Baku High Police Academy

     Private l Higher Institutions

  1.  Western University
  2. Baku Asia University
  3. Tafakkur University
  4. Khazar University
  5. Baku Girls University
  6. Odlar Yurdu  University
  7. Azerbaijan Cooperation University
  8. Qafqaz University
  9. Baku Business University
  10. Baku Eurasia University
  11. Nakhcivan Private University
  12. Azerbaijan Social Political University
  13. Azerbaijan Academy of Labour and Social Relations
  14. Bakı İslam Universiteti
  15. Azerbaijan University